Naming Miss Lucy

My 11 year old daughter continues to grow exponentially.

She asked me the other day if I had been underwater for a couple of hours without air when I was younger to make me turn out the way I am, or been beaten repeatedly in the head by my parents with clubs. Nice !

For the second time someone dropped a chair on her head at school, not sure how exactly that happens, but I suspect that having started college it’s some boy’s way of trying to impress her. Drop a chair on her head. That’s how her suggestion that I’d sustained repeated head injuries as a child came up as she talked about her day at school and showed me the bump on her head.

Anyway this started a conversation on the various names she’s had for her 11 years so far. She’s had a few.

When she was womb bound inside my permanently feverish half-century wife, “the hottie”, without realising it I subconsciously picked up on the concept of external sensation being good for kid’s development. There’s been a few documentaries on it, so I guess it came from T.V. osmosis. No Chopin for Lucy though, genius seems to come with baggage. Above average intelligence will do quite nicely thanks.

So I came up with a call mimicking a bear or a whale, something mammalian and non-threatening letting her know there was someone out there beyond the wall of amniotic fluid , the amniotic glass ceiling. It was two sounds, “oose, oose”. Repeated many times over the course of a day. It seemed to work, she kicked in the direction of my voice – or so I thought. Having established for her that there was life out there but that she would need to make a break for it, the “oose, oose” transitioned into an actual word – “jellykin”, that unfortunately has no meaning.


I guess the “jelly” part came about because she was kind of encased in jelly. I didn’t really give much thought to where the “kin” bit came from until recently when after watching the 90’s Star Wars prequels with me (no mean feat of endurance), she asked me why I had called her after Annaqin, aka Darth Vader before he became Darth Vader. I couldn’t really give her a good answer other than to say that Darth was a boy, and she was a girl so I didn’t think that’s where it came from and we left it at that. However it has come up from time-to-time in disparaging tones that I’d named her after one of my 70’s movie/T.V. mash up experiences that I’d sponged up into my brain but got the name and even the sex wrong.

After she popped out she became, “Baby Monkiss”, “Mushy Burger” and is now the “Goose Burger”. The “Goose” we think came from the saying “Lucy, Goosey”. Not sure what the connection with burger is, but I guess I equate food with love.

Lucy’s names are equated with stages in her development. I have a mental picture of her alongside her various names like a medical journal of the life-cycle.

Anyway, that’s what I thought of last night sleeping in the spare room bed.




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An older parent married to Kathy with a 12 year old daughter.
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